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Back East Beer and Pork Dinner

Saturday, Mar 30, 2019 at 5:00PM - 8:00PM

Dining Room at the Hartford PNH

  • Mar 2019

    30 Sat


  • Mar 2019

    30 Sat


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Back East Beer and Pork Dinner

Saturday, Mar 30, 2019 at 5:00PM - 8:00PM

Hartford, CT , United States of America

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Five course dining experience!


5 Courses. 5 Beers. 1 Delicious Dining Experience.


Each course paired with a selection from Connecticut's craft brewery, Back East Brewery, beer.  Back East will be there to explain the flavor profiles of each beer and their brewing process.


Make it a night out and head over to our Pub side after the dinner and enjoy the PNH Karaoke experience! No cover, ever.


First Course
Back East Ale
“Kubanskie” Sandwich
Smoked pork loin, Adolf’s ham, house-fermented pickles, with Pulaski mustard, Swiss cheese; served with house chips & dressed greens

Second Course
Intergalactic Lupulinary IPA
New England BBQ
“The Perfect Rub” maple BBQ sauce glazed spare rib with Rhode Island white cornbread pudding & Yankee baked beans

Third Course
Ice Cream Man IPA
The Palate Cleanser
Aged Vermont cheddar garnished with “The Perfect Rub” spiced bacon roasted nuts & grilled bread

Fourth Course
Back East Porter
Roasted Pork
Slow roasted bone in pork loin with ”grzyby i głąb” relish, creamed forest mushrooms & roasted rosemary potatoes

Fifth Course
Ex Machina Russian Imperial Stout
Old School Chocolate Lard Cake
Chocolate cake topped with espresso whipped cream, garnished with Chocolate and walnut covered pork rinds & fresh berries.

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